Case Study: Chris Lovell


Chris first came to Nunthorpe Academy as a Faculty Support Assistant with English which involved him in a wide range of tasks across the school. He worked with staff and students to support their learning and the smooth running of the department. He undertook administration tasks such as photocopying and creating resources; ordering supplies / resources for the department; putting up displays as well as classroom based tasks where he supported students with their literacy work; worked with individuals / small groups and took classes in the absence of the teacher.

Why teaching?

Over the 2 years as a Faculty Support Assistant, Chris realised that teaching really was for him. The range of experiences that he has made him an ideal candidate. He had clear potential; was already a valued member of the English department, able to work independently and in a team and showed resilience, determination and a commitment to working with younger people.


Chris worked conscientiously throughout his training year taking on board advice and developing his pedagogy. He qualified as an Outstanding trainee, gaining QTS and his PGCE. In his final evaluation he says of the NESTA Programme:

“Overall, a well-rounded course covering all aspects of teaching and learning. All sessions were relevant and influenced the next weeks teaching by opening up another practical idea to put into practice. There were lots of ‘light bulb’ moments throughout the year thanks to this.”

Where is Chris now?

An NQT, working as a full-time teacher in English at Nunthorpe Academy – Chris started work in June 2016 and continues to make great progress.