English and Maths Transition Workshop Programme

KS2 / 3 English Transition Workshops

What are the KS2 / 3 English Transition Workshops?

With frequent changes and ever-evolving pressures at KS2, it isn’t always possible (or realistic) to ‘plan ahead’ to the next stage of learning. These workshops will offer ideas for teaching in KS2 and practical steps towards the KS3 curriculum which can be implemented easily and which will help to achieve a smoother transition in reading and writing for all learners – with a greater challenge for the most able.

Who are the KS2 / 3 English Transition Workshops for?

Workshops are suitable for primary trainees and teachers who are keen to develop their teaching at upper KS2 and understanding of English at KS3 and who wish to provide extra challenge and preparation for their KS2 learners.

The programme will enable participants to:

  • Enhance confidence and learner performance at KS2
  • Give KS2 learners a ‘head start’
  • Develop new ideas and approaches
  • Embed essential skills and knowledge
  • Share ideas and inspiration
  • Understand the expectations at KS3

Programme of Events

Participants will be provided with practical and adaptable resources, and inspired to enhance learning and transition towards KS3 as well as developing a common language between KS2 & 3. They will be given the opportunity to share ideas and plan collaboratively, exploring potential (and practical) approaches at KS2 with professional colleagues from other schools.

Programme Date Time
Reading Workshop Thursday, 5th October 2017 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Writing Workshop Thursday, 1st February 2018 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Maths Workshop Tuesday, 17th October 2017 1.30pm – 3.30pm


For further information or to register a place contact: nsmith@nunthorpe.co.uk